hotel kristall


Near the principal seaside resorts and Artistic cities

Seaside resorts

Hotel Kristall is a few kilometres away from the coast and from the Piave river mouth making it a place where to stay for who wants to visit the main Venetian seaside locations like Jesolo Lido ( 19 km away) Eraclea ( 20 kilometres away) or Caorle ( 29 km away).

Each one of these seaside resorts has its own style rendering them unique:

Jesolo is famous for its long fine sand beaches , shops and discoteques;

Eraclea Mare is famous for is wide pine grove area which precedes a tranquil and relaxing beach; www.turismovenezia.it/jesoloeracleatarge

Caorle is famous for its fishermen’s port, its characteristic historic centre and the white marble sculptures along the seaside walkway.

Art cities

For art and culture lovers Venice is absolutely a city to visit. It is located 40 kilometres from San Donà di Piave and is easily reachable in bus or train; Treviso is 30 kilometres away while Oderzo and Concordia Sagittaria are respectively 22 and 29 kilometres away.

Venice, Capital of the Venetian region, has been for many centuries, the centre and fulcrum of the Serenissima Republic, a cultural and artistic patrimony of priceless value which is still present up to this day: Historic palaces, bridges, churches, museums and the well known San Marco Basilica and Palazzo Ducale are all here.
Gambling lovers who want to experience the roulette and slot machines can go to the casinos. The historic one in Ca’ Vendramin Calergi and one in Ca’ Noghera

Treviso, a suggestive wall surrounded city rich in churches, museums and historical palaces like Palazzo dei Signori and Loggia dei Cavalieri.
It is found within one of the most important productive districts when talking about wine and fashion. Many fashion brand name shops are found along the typical cobblestone streets. It presents pubs, taverns,restaurants and pizzerias where some of the best quality wines and famous regional dishes can be savoured. www.turismo.provincia.treviso.it

Oderzo is a city having a long historic tradition background. Its roots go back to the end of the 10th century B.C..The antique Opitergium testimonies are preserved in the Archaeological Museum of ” Eno Bellis” which is rich in pre-roman and roman findings. It offers various archaeological sites like the Foro Romano findings , Domus in Via Mazzini and the Mosaics found in Via dei Mosaici where roman domus paviments can be admired.

Concordia Sagittaria, is also famous for its archaeological sites which testify the antique roman civilisation. Thermae, antique wall and theatre findings can be admired while roman domus where original mosaic art tessere paviments can be visited up to this day.